Common Mistakes to Avoid When Filing or Appealing a VA Disability Claim

Filing a disability claim with the VA is often complex and confusing. If you or a loved one is a Veteran that has had an application for benefits denied, it is important to contact an experienced VA lawyer who may assist you or a loved one through the process. With that being said, some common mistakes that Veterans often make include the following:

Failing to Timely File a Claim

While there are no time limitations on filing a disability claim with the VA, waiting to determine if symptoms will improve can cost a veteran a significant loss in monetary benefits.

Failing to Follow Through With a Claim

The VA disability claims process is very slow, which can be frustrating. However, giving up on a claim may result in financial hardships down the road.

Failing to Know How the VA Determines Benefits

Knowing how the VA awards benefits is important. A veteran must have a current disability and be able to provide proof of that disability being service connected. This requires providing sufficient evidence, such as medical documentation.

Failing to File a Claim for Secondary Conditions

A veteran should always file a claim for non-service connected illnesses that stemmed from or can potentially occur as a result of his or her service-connected disability.

Failing to Have an Appropriate Medical Opinion

Having a letter from a medical expert linking the disability to service will assist in the outcome of a disability claim. In addition, receiving multiple opinions from medical experts can further support a claim.

Filing an application for Veteran’s benefits or appealing an application that has been denied, is a complex process that requires the attention of a skilled Veterans Affairs attorney. The attorneys of Sullivan & Kehoe, LLP concentrate their practice in Veterans Disability Law. With over 50 years of combined experience between its lawyers, our attorneys may assist you or a loved one in obtaining an Aid and Attendance Pension. Call our office at (800) 395 -7830 to schedule a consultation in our New York City, Garden City, Kings Park, Riverhead, or White Plains office.

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