How Do You Know if Your Disability is Service-Connected?

In order to receive disability benefits through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (otherwise known as the VA), you need to demonstrate that you have a service-connected disability. If you do not have such a disability, or you cannot show your disability is service-connected, you will not be eligible for VA disability benefits. For many veterans, this is not an issue, but in some cases it can be difficult to connect a disability with your military service.

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What Determines Your Veterans’ Disability Benefits Ruling?

When the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) issues its ruling on your veterans’ disability benefits, you might have a lot of questions about it. The process can be pretty opaque, and if you do not know what is involved, it may not make a lot of sense. If you keep in mind just a few things, though, you can better understand how the VA may have come to its conclusion: Continue reading “What Determines Your Veterans’ Disability Benefits Ruling?”

Basics of Veterans Disability Benefits

Service-Connected Disability Benefits

A veteran’s disability claim is referred to as service-connected benefits. To be entitled to receive service-connected benefits, a veteran must have a current disability that he or she suffers from. He or she must be able to show that an incident occurred during service that caused his or her injuries. In addition, a veteran must be able to demonstrate that his or her disability is a result of military service. Continue reading “Basics of Veterans Disability Benefits”

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