Can Veterans Receive Compensation from the VA for Mental Illnesses?

Any sort of war exposure can severely impact an individual, physically and mentally. Today, many war veterans are seeking treatment and compensation for mental illnesses acquired from combat. The VA, formally known as the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, is a department within the United States Government that administers a multitude of different benefits and services for veterans, providing financial and life assistance to current military personnel, veterans, and their dependents. Continue reading “Can Veterans Receive Compensation from the VA for Mental Illnesses?”

What You Should Know About Social Security

As a working American, you will typically find a certain amount of money taken out of each paycheck designated as Social Security on your pay stub. 6.2% of your income will be contributed to the Social Security system and employers match this percentage for each worker, totaling 12.4%. Social Security provides you with benefits when you retire, become disabled, or to eligible family members with benefits when you die.
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