Five Signs You May Be Eligible For SSDI or SSI

Every year, millions of people apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), but only a relatively small number succeed in obtaining benefits. Part of this is due to people not understanding the criteria you must meet before you can qualify for SSDI or SSI. Here are five signs you may be eligible for SSDI or SSI benefits:

  1. You have a medical condition that makes it difficult to hold a job
    • One of the most important aspects of knowing whether you are eligible for SSDI or SSI is whether you have a qualifying disability. In essence, this means you must have some kind of medical condition (physical or psychological) that severely impairs your ability to work or function in regular life. If your disability keeps you from holding down a job, you may be eligible for disability benefits.
  2. You struggle to perform basic chores or other daily tasks
    • In addition to difficulty with work, people with qualifying disabilities typically struggle with chores and other aspects of daily life. They may have difficulty feeding themselves, keeping their homes clean, or ensuring bills are paid on time. If you find yourself struggling with chores or daily tasks, you may be eligible for SSDI or SSI.
  3. Medical treatment does not help
    • Another core factor in determining whether you may be eligible for SSDI or SSI is that your condition does not respond well to treatment. This means that even with medication, surgery, or other types of treatment, you are still substantially impaired by your disability. This is important because if you have an untreated medical condition, you may be denied disability benefits.
  4. You do not make enough money from working
    • Aside from the medical factors, you also must qualify economically for SSDI or SSI. Among these factors is showing that you do not make substantial income from work. The income limit is $1,470 per month for individuals (or $2,460 per month for blind individuals) for SSDI, or $1,913 per month for individuals for SSI (or $2,827 per month for couples).
  5. You have no other real sources of income other than work
    • In addition to the other factors for becoming eligible for SSDI or SSI, you must generally show that you have no other real sources of income other than work. This means you do not make substantial income from investments, capital gains, or other sources of income. If you meet all these criteria, you may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits.

If you or a loved one need assistance applying for SSDI or SSI benefits, it is important that you seek the guidance of an experienced Social Security Disability benefits lawyer. The lawyers at Sullivan & Kehoe, LLP have over 50 years of combined experience between its attorneys and are available to you or your loved one in obtaining Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income benefits. To schedule a consultation with our New York Social Security Disability benefits lawyers, call (631) 823-7155.

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