New Diabetes Care Program Introduced by VA

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has announced a new program that will focus on educating and caring for diabetic veterans. The program is focused on helping veterans with diabetes learn more about the technology they can use to monitor their condition, as well as what their various diabetes numbers mean. With better education, diabetic veterans will be able to better control their diabetes and, hopefully, prevent some of the more severe complications that can arise from the disease.

An estimated one in every four veterans enrolled in veterans’ disability benefits has diabetes, making diabetes care a central concern for doctors at the VA. However, one of the most crucial components to proper diabetes care is monitoring the condition constantly, and to do that, diabetics need to know not only their blood sugar, but also their hemoglobin A1C, blood pressure, kidney and liver numbers, and other crucial vitals. Unfortunately, however, many veterans only know the basics of monitoring their diabetes, making controlling the disease that much more difficult.

This is why the VA is rededicating itself to diabetes education and care. By teaching diabetic veterans more about their condition, the hope is to help veterans avoid some of the nastier problems that diabetics can face, like heart disease, eye and kidney damage, neuropathy, or diabetic foot ulcers (which can potentially lead to amputation in extreme cases). It can also help reduce the number of hospitalizations as a result of hypoglycemia or other problems that arise out of poorly controlled diabetes, reducing stress and costs for diabetic veterans.

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