New Screening Tool Helps VA Diagnose COVID Faster

New York, along with many other states, is in the middle of reopening their states after a lengthy quarantine. However, the coronavirus remains a serious public health threat, particularly to people with long-term medical issues like disabled veterans. To help protect these vulnerable individuals, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has introduced a new digital screening tool to help isolate potential COVID infections before they enter a VA medical facility.

The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is the single greatest health crisis to have faced the United States in over a century, with over two million infections and 120,000 dead. Although cases have flattened in New York, many other states are now seeing a dramatic rise in infections, with medical facilities straining to cope with the sheer number of infected. With the coronavirus pandemic still presenting such a major threat, the VA is looking for any means to control the spread of infection and protect their patients from the virus.

To this end, the VA has introduced a new digital screening tool that will allow them to discover whether someone is potentially infected with the coronavirus before they enter a VA facility. This new tool is a simple app accessible through any web browser that asks a handful of questions about potential symptoms commonly associated with COVID infection, as well as potential interaction with other people infected with the disease. By filtering out those who are symptomatic or who may be asymptomatic carriers, it will allow them to separate out the potentially infected from those who are not, helping to protect vulnerable patients from COVID. It also allows them to better track the spread of the infection, saving lives by identifying potential sources of COVID spread before they become a potential health issue.

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