PACT PT Program Increases Veteran Access to Physical Therapy

A new program introduced by the Department of Veterans Affairs (also known as the VA) is set to improve veteran access to physical therapy (PT). Known as the Patient Aligned Care Team (PACT) PT, this program seeks to help veterans begin physical therapy earlier, allowing them to begin the process of recovering much sooner. Currently, the program is available in 86 VA hospitals, with plans to expand the program in the future.

What is PACT PT?

The PACT PT program was created with the intent of helping veterans to gain access to physical therapy more quickly. It does this by embedding physical therapists with primary care clinics, who can assess patients’ need for PT. This allows them to begin physical therapy right away, rather than needing to wait for a referral and additional testing from their primary care physician.

Why is This Important?

Right now, veterans who suffer from serious injuries that require physical therapy may wait months between diagnosis of their condition and the beginning of care. During that time, veterans may spend months on prescription painkillers and other medications that might not be needed, or might be needed in reduced amounts, if they began PT earlier. It also means veterans may be able to begin working or engaging in physical activities much sooner than they otherwise would.

What is the Potential Impact of PACT PT?

For many veterans, the PACT PT program offers a chance to get back to their lives much earlier than they would have before. It may also decrease the risk of veterans forming dependencies on painkillers or other drugs that they would be prescribed in the meantime. This can lead to an overall increase in their health and well-being, leading to better outcomes in their care.

How Could This Affect You?

If you are a veteran suffering from a physical disability as a result of your military service, programs like PACT PT may be able to improve your situation. However, in order to make the most of those benefits, you should apply for veterans disability benefits, if you have not already done so. That way, you can get started on your own road to recovery, and gain greater control over your disability.

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