Camp Lejeune Vets 20% More Likely to Develop Cancer

A recently released study found that veterans and their families who stayed at Camp Lejeune between 1972 and 1985 are about 20% more likely than the average member of the population to develop numerous types of cancer. This study confirms what has already long been suspected: that people stationed at Camp Lejeune were harmed by exposure to carcinogenic toxins found in their groundwater. This study may help many veterans gain access to benefits who may have struggled before, even with legislation like the PACT Act now in place.

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Five Service-Related Disabilities That May Not Appear Right Away

Typically, when someone becomes disabled as a result of their military service, it is fairly obvious how they got their disability. However, a surprising number of veterans can spend months or years seemingly fine, only to manifest a service-related disability a long time afterwards. Here are five service-related disabilities that often do not appear right away:

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