VA Begins Reintroducing Healthcare Services at Select Facilities

As with most government offices, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) shut down all but its most essential functions to comply with coronavirus quarantine orders. However, starting May 18, the VA began reopening certain select healthcare facilities to the public, to eventually return to its previous levels of functionality. The goal is to once again provide VA services that have not been available for the past few months, while still protecting veterans from coronavirus infection. Continue reading “VA Begins Reintroducing Healthcare Services at Select Facilities”

VA Recruits Retired Healthcare Workers for COVID Care

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has approved a request from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) to waive a regulation that would normally disincentivize retired healthcare workers from employment at VA medical facilities. This regulation restricts the amount of money that retirees can receive, to reflect the added income from their retirement benefits. By waiving the regulation, they hope to attract medical professionals to come work at VA facilities to address the coronavirus crisis. Continue reading “VA Recruits Retired Healthcare Workers for COVID Care”

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