What Does it Legally Mean to Have a Disability?

If you want to apply for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration (SSA), first you need to be legally disabled. Otherwise, you will not be able to qualify for benefits under either Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). But what does it mean to have a disability, in the legal sense, and how does that impact your ability to get SSDI or SSI benefits? Continue reading “What Does it Legally Mean to Have a Disability?”

What Does it Mean to Be 100 Percent Disabled According to the VA?

If you are a disabled veteran and have undergone an assessment for your disability status, then you have likely been assigned a number representing what “percent” disabled you are. This number is crucial for determining the amount of benefits you receive from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA), including the amount of compensation you receive each month. But what does it mean to be one hundred percent disabled, or any other percent, and how do they come to that determination? Continue reading “What Does it Mean to Be 100 Percent Disabled According to the VA?”

What is a Disability Reexamination?

When you apply for veterans’ disability benefits through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, you may feel it is already an arduous and complicated process. You may think that, once you’re through the process and get awarded benefits, you are basically done and don’t need to worry anymore about whether you’ll get to have your benefits. However, anyone who receives veterans’ disability benefits may, at some point, be asked to go through a reexamination of their disability status. Continue reading “What is a Disability Reexamination?”