The VA and Walgreens Collaborate

In a previous article, the innovative technological advancement of “VEText” and its benefits to veterans was discussed. However, the Department of Veterans Affairs has not stopped there; the VA is continuously implementing new ways to improve how our nation’s veterans receive care.

Recently, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs partnered with the pharmaceutical services provider, Walgreens, to allow for improved patient and pharmaceutical care coordination for veterans. All VA-enrolled patients that utilize Walgreens’ services are able to access more efficient and better care for their prescription and immunization needs. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, Walgreens’ pharmacists are now able to access a VA patient’s entire medication and immunization history with the click of a button.

In a recent interview, the VA Secretary, Robert Wilkie, stated “this arrangement is the first of its kind and it’s a strong collaboration.” He also mentioned how partnerships, such as this one, will allow the Department of Veterans Affairs to continue to improve the way it cares for our nation’s veterans.

With this program, VA providers are able to keep track of prescriptions made by community providers. Prior to the creation of this partnership, VA providers would have to ask patients to inform them of their various prescriptions being sent to Walgreens. However, with the creation of the new VA-Walgreens exchange program, VA providers are now able to directly view VA patients’ prescriptions that are filled by Walgreens, along with their immunization history. The partnership allows the VA to provide the best possible care coordination and medication management for veterans.

This exchange program is not the only partnership that the VA has with Walgreens. For the past five years, the Department of Veterans Affairs has teamed up with Walgreens to provide free flu vaccinations for enrolled veterans. With this, veterans were able to receive better access to immunizations at no cost to them.

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