Why You Should Get Legal Help With Your VA Disability Claim

While in theory you can file your claim for disability benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (also known as the VA) on your own, that is not necessarily a good idea. Without legal assistance you could run into serious problems, during or after filling out your application. Here is why you should make sure you get legal help with your VA disability claim:

  1. They can double check to ensure everything is filled out correctly
    • The number one reason that people have their VA disability claim rejected is for simple paperwork errors. This includes things like incorrect or missing information, a lack of necessary forms or evidence, or other problems that can usually be addressed with a little due care. Having extra eyes on your application can reduce the risk of this happening.
  2. They can help explain anything you do not understand
    • While the process of applying for veterans disability benefits is not necessarily complicated on its own, the law surrounding the disability application process can be. A lawyer with experience handling disability claims can help explain the law to you, including anything you do not understand. This reduces the risk of errors you might make due to confusion over things you do not understand.
  3. They can help you avoid potential pitfalls
    • There are numerous ways your application might be denied, even if you might otherwise qualify for benefits. These pitfalls are numerous, but may not be obvious to someone unfamiliar with the disability claims process. An experienced lawyer can help you avoid the potential mistakes that might otherwise cost you your benefits.
  4. They can argue on your behalf
    • When making a VA disability claim, you may need to argue your case before a board at the VA to obtain your benefits. A lawyer with experience in this process can argue on your behalf, taking the stress of that process off of you. They are also typically more experienced at handling these sorts of hearings, and may be able to make arguments more effectively than you could.
  5. They can help you appeal, if necessary
    • Even if your VA disability claim is rejected, that does not mean it is the end of the road. A lawyer can help you appeal your claim, giving you another chance at success in your case. The sooner you call, the sooner they can get to work on your behalf.

The attorneys of Sullivan & Kehoe place a special focus on assisting disabled veterans. Our veterans’ disability lawyers are still available for remote consultation on your legal issues. Call our office at (800) 395-7830 to schedule a consultation in our New York City, Garden City, Kings Park, Riverhead, or White Plains office, or visit our contact page.

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