VA Recruits Retired Healthcare Workers for COVID Care

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has approved a request from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) to waive a regulation that would normally disincentivize retired healthcare workers from employment at VA medical facilities. This regulation restricts the amount of money that retirees can receive, to reflect the added income from their retirement benefits. By waiving the regulation, they hope to attract medical professionals to come work at VA facilities to address the coronavirus crisis. Continue reading “VA Recruits Retired Healthcare Workers for COVID Care”

VA Prepares to Deal with Coronavirus

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has already taken measures to deal with the spread of the coronavirus, to help protect disabled veterans from the impact of the disease. Of particular concern are those disabled veterans currently residing in VA nursing homes, who are particularly vulnerable to the infection. VA Secretary Robert Wilkie has tried to reassure veterans and their families, saying: “We will get over this and we will make sure everything is done to protect those who have done so much for our country.” Continue reading “VA Prepares to Deal with Coronavirus”

What is a Disability Reexamination?

When you apply for veterans’ disability benefits through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, you may feel it is already an arduous and complicated process. You may think that, once you’re through the process and get awarded benefits, you are basically done and don’t need to worry anymore about whether you’ll get to have your benefits. However, anyone who receives veterans’ disability benefits may, at some point, be asked to go through a reexamination of their disability status. Continue reading “What is a Disability Reexamination?”

What is the Process for Applying for Veterans’ Disability Benefits?

If you’re a veteran who became disabled as a result of your military service, you may be entitled to benefits through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA). If your application for disability benefits is accepted, you could be entitled to both financial assistance and healthcare through the VA health system, among other possible benefits. But what’s actually involved in applying for veterans’ disability benefits, and what does the application process look like? Continue reading “What is the Process for Applying for Veterans’ Disability Benefits?”